NHK Programs

The amount of information from overseas aired by NHK for domestic audiences has increased dramatically. A wide variety of news and current affairs programs are available, including General TV’s News 7, NewsWatch 9, NHK Special, and  Today’s Close-Up, as well as World News on the BS1 satellite channel and NHK World TV for overseas broadcasts.

This is possible thanks to our highly professional team of interpreters and translators at the Bilingual Center. They have the skills to quickly handle a wide variety of news stories from across the world, contributing to NHK’s broadcasts.

Features of Our Services

  • Whenever a large-scale natural disaster, incident or accident occurs overseas, our translators and simultaneous interpreters spring into action. They handle live reports from abroad and news aired by overseas media, so that NHK can quickly inform the Japanese public about these emergency bulletins.
  • Our simultaneous interpreters play an essential role in conveying the content of news conferences held by international leaders, interviews with non-Japanese managers of sports teams and players, and live communications with space missions.

  • Our staff are tasked with translating interviews recorded on video by NHK reporters overseas, as well as handling various materials and program scripts.

  • Our team also translates Japanese news scripts into English for use in NHK World TV news programs aired overseas and on NHK’s English website. News produced by NHK is translated into 17 languages and used in newscasts by Radio Japan.

Main Programs

General TV

Good Morning Japan, News 7, NewsWatch 9, NHK Special, Today’s Close-up, etc.

  • *News 7 and NewsWatch 9 are dubbed into English for foreign residents of Japan.
  • *English versions of NHK Special and Today’s Close-up are broadcast on NHK World TV.
  • Good Morning Japan
  • News 7
  • NewsWatch 9
  • NHK Special
  • Today’s Close-Up


World News, World News Asia, World News America, Catch! Sekai no Topnews (Catch the Global Topnews), Kokusai Hodo 2017 (International Reporting 2017), etc.

  • World News
  • World News Asia
  • World News America
  • Catch! Sekai no Topnews (Catch the Global Topnews)

Overseas Broadcasts

NHK World TV



Radio Japan

  • NHK World TV
  • NEWSROOM TOKYO Radio Japan