We play an active role in NHK’s worldwide broadcasting efforts. We conduct simultaneous interpretation and translation for news and informative programs on NHK’s domestic channels, NHK World TV international broadcasts, and news aired by overseas broadcasting stations.

As our interpreters and translators work in the broadcasting environment, they need to possess the highest level of skills to respond promptly and accurately to the work at hand. The superb quality of their services gained through this experience has received high acclaim both at home and abroad.

NHK Global Media Services is proud of being one of Japan’s biggest providers of interpretation and translation resources. 1,000 professionals are registered with us. They have expertise in approximately 80 languages spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our teams of highly skilled, professional interpreters and translators support NHK broadcasts. But that’s not all. They also provide interpretation and translation services at conferences and symposiums held by international organizations and universities, and at seminars and events run by businesses and organizations.

Our work at international meetings and symposiums involves a wide range of subjects, including national security, technological innovation, global warming, nuclear power issues, the global economy and healthcare. We satisfy our clients with our commitment. We have also worked with a variety of enterprises and activities by interpreting at business meetings and translating documents.

Our promise is to serve our clients’ needs through courteous, conscientious and trustworthy service.

Interpretation and Translation Services